Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz Says There Will 'Never' Be Another Beatles

'They made such a huge impact on pop culture,' he says in anticipation of the September 9 release of 'The Beatles: Rock Band.'

On September 9, "The Beatles: Rock Band" will hit stores around the world, thrilling not just gamers, but hard-core Fab Four fans too.

And one guy who fits into both of those categories pretty nicely is Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz (though, to be honest, he prefers video games of the 8-bit variety). Don't let the tattoos fool you — he's been a die-hard Beatles fan for as long as he can remember.

"I remember listening to 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand,' and I didn't know it was a Beatles song at all; I just liked the song a lot when I was a little dude," he told MTV News. "I missed out on it in my teen years, when I was really too 'punk rock' to be listening to the Beatles ... and got into it later. 'Happiness Is a Warm Gun' is probably my favorite Beatles song ever."

And though, musically, the work of Lennon and McCartney (and Harrison and Starr too) has always inspired him, what most amazes him about the Beatles is just how massive they were — and how massive they continue to be.

"Obviously, that's one of those bands that will never be around again. There will never be a band like that, where all four guys could be frontmen," he said. "A thing that [Fall Out Boy lead singer] Patrick [Stump] said to me — that I totally agree with — is that there are a few artists, like the Beatles, Elvis, Michael Jackson and now Kanye West, I think, where you're forced to react to them. Love them or hate them, they made such a huge impact on pop culture that you're forced to have a reaction."

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