'Eclipse' Director David Slade Posts Taylor Lautner Set Pics

Co-stars Billy Burke, Peter Facinelli give more Twitter updates from Vancouver set.

Here at MTV News, we wouldn't want to imagine a world without "Twilight" or Twitter. It would be an unforgiving world, devoid of our favorite vampire/human love story and the easiest way for those involved in the saga's movie franchise to communicate with fans. The dual forces of "Twilight" and Twitter combined over the weekend to deliver some excellent updates about "Eclipse," the third film in the series, which is currently in production in Vancouver.

On Saturday, director David Slade posted a close-up head shot of Taylor Lautner, who plays werewolf Jacob Black. "Mr. Taylor Lautner," Slade explained. "A photo I took during early camera lighting tests. Not a whisker in sight."

On The Set Of "Eclipse"

Saturday was also a day for rehearsals with Kristen Stewart (Bella), Rob Pattinson (Edward) and Billy Burke (Bella's father). How do we know? Slade tweeted about it: "Third week of shooting just hours away. Preparation, preparation, preparation."

The next day, Slade posted another picture of Lautner, though this one didn't even show his face. What it did show was the actor in midair in a forest, flipping upside down with one leg sticking into the air. Pretty cool stuff.

"Yes, that is him mid back flip," Slade wrote. "He does it from standing still."

The director wasn't the only Twilighter using social networking over the last few days to share info. Burke tweeted that he arrived in Vancouver on Friday night and had to rest up for an early start on Saturday.

"Someone gets a cap and gown," he wrote, hinting about a scene he'd be shooting. (Sure enough, photos of a graduation ceremony shoot popped up over the weekend.)

And while many of the film's stars are active on Twitter, Nikki Reed (Rosalie Hale) commandeered co-star Peter Facinelli's account to make one thing clear.

"Hi, Nikki Reed here," she wrote. "Sitting with Fach. Just searched and found dozens of posers. I don't have Twitter. Please don't follow them!!! Scary!"

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