DJ AM's Final Days Come Into Focus

AM had gigs planned through the end of October.

It's possible we'll never know what happened in the final hours of [artist id="1562979"]DJ AM[/artist]'s life. But based on his busy schedule and upbeat tweets in the days before his body was found Friday in his New York apartment, it seems like the celebrity DJ (born Adam Goldstein) was in a typically ebullient mood during his last week.

At his final DJ gig at Dusk in Atlantic City on Tuesday night, AM, 36, who was sober for more than 11 years after struggling with drugs in his 20s, asked the crowd, "Are you guys f---ed up tonight? I'm not," according to TMZ.

After that gig, it's unclear when AM was seen or heard from again. He reportedly sent a text message at 1 a.m. on the day he died about his weekly gig at Rain nightclub in Las Vegas that night. A friend called 911 when AM failed to answer his phone or leave for his scheduled flight to Vegas.

Police then went to AM's Soho apartment, and when they got no response, they broke down the door and found him face down on his bed, shirtless, with just sweatpants on and drug paraphernalia and prescription pill bottles nearby. The New York City coroner's office has not yet determined a cause of death, pending the completion of toxicology tests. TMZ reported Monday (August 31) that a law-enforcement source speculated that Goldstein likely died from an accidental overdose of drugs including prescription anti-anxiety medication, which he reportedly took to deal with his fear of flying in light of the fiery plane crash he survived one year ago in South Carolina.

According to a list of shows on his Web site, AM had engagements set up through the end of October, including his weekly Banana Split Sundaes show at the Bardot in Hollywood with fellow DJ Steve Aoki, one of which he was supposed to play Sunday. In a message on the party's MySpace page, organizers wrote, "We will forever miss DJ AM. Our love, support and deepest apologies go out to all friends, family and fans."

DJ AM: A Life In Photos

He was also slated to play a show Tuesday night in Las Vegas with DJ Jazzy Jeff at a party for Famous Stars and Straps, the clothing company headed up by his pal and TRV$DJAM partner Travis Barker. AM also had a standing weekly set at Rain at the Palms Casino in Vegas on Friday nights. That club observed a moment of silence Friday night and dimmed parts of its marquee to honor AM.

Followers of AM's Twitter account likely didn't see any reason to worry about the DJ over the past week. His mood seemed cheerful for the most part, tweeting August 21 that he played a bit of catch at Roxbury Park in Beverly Hills to prepare for throwing out the first pitch at a Mets game a few days later. That same night, he attended his first Marilyn Manson show at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas and gave the goth rocker props for playing some Linkin Park to warm up the crowd.

He was in Philadelphia on August 22, joking about the ornate sculpture above the bathtub in his Atlantic City hotel room and urging fans to come out that night for his set at the Dusk nightclub. "It's Saturday night," he tweeted, "live a little!"

On Sunday morning, around 8:18 a.m., he posted an update about leaving for Citi Stadium to throw out the first pitch at a Mets game. "Ho-lee shiz I'm nervous," he said. "How the F does a DJ get this honor? Thanks you GOD!" Wearing his DJ AM jersey, he excitedly tweeted a few hours later, "I made it to the plate! DEF not the best pitch, but I didn't bababooey it, so I know it wasn't the worst! Still was an honor."

After that, the tweets get less frequent, with a relieved one on Tuesday about waking up early and thinking he had a 9:45 a.m. appointment that was a actually a 10:45, and a post later that day about wrapping up filming his MTV special, "Gone Too Far," in Connecticut, in which he helped other struggling addicts. "Back to Dusk in AC [Atlantic City] tonight with Jesse Marco."

And then, just two hours later, the ominous, and final, tweet that has become a haunting epitaph. "New york, new york. Big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems," posted at 2:57 a.m. on Tuesday, quoting famed hip-hop legend Grandmaster Flash's 1983 single, "New York, New York."