50 Cent Brings 'Family Day' To New Jersey Amusement Park

Though rapper's '40 Day' event in NYC hometown fell through, fans still got to see G-Unit in New Jersey.

JACKSON, New Jersey50 Cent wasn't able to perform in his old Queens neighborhood on Sunday (August 30), but the G-Unit rapper got plenty of hometown love during an hour-plus set he put on Saturday evening at Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in New Jersey.

Fif organized a "Family Day" weekend, with events taking place both in New Jersey and in his old Jamaica stomping grounds in New York. But on Friday, his charity, the G-Unity Foundation, announced Sunday's festivities — also called "40 Day" in honor of housing projects adjacent to PS 40 school in Queens where the picnic was scheduled to occur — would no longer be taking place because they were unable to obtain a permit. The rapper, as previously planned, was still able to bus a number of families from Queens down to New Jersey to enjoy a day at the park on Saturday capped off by a G-Unit performance.

"This show isn't my regular show," 50 told the cheering crowd of Southside Jamaica residents. "I'm doing something different tonight. I'm doing music that this crowd can relate to."

Flanked by Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks, 50 ripped through a number of early album cuts and G-Unit favorites, including "Poor Lil Rich" and "Straight Outta Southside."

Backed by his DJ, Whoo Kid, Fif entered the stage performing "OK, Ya Right" from his latest mixtape, The War Angel LP, [url id="http://www.mtv.com/videos/50-cent/410373/ok-youre-right.jhtml#artist=860639"]mimicking the video[/url] for the song, decked out in clown makeup and outfits.

"OK, OK, OK," he began the song, with a stageful of clowns in tow. "When they talk about me, they say I be trippin'/ What they say about me doesn't make me mad/ I think they hating 'cause they see me when I'm rolling/ Man, I can't help it if they really doing bad."

Halfway through 50's set, rain started pouring down on the concertgoers, with many of them using their "Family Day" T-shirts for cover before security began passing out ponchos. Neither the rapper nor the crowd, though, skipped a beat despite the weather. Although 50 was protected from the rain by the overhang on the stage, he ventured to the exposed corner of the stage to make a special announcement to the fans — and to the police, since authorities' reported fears over security are what allegedly derailed Sunday's event. (Although 50's beef was with the NYPD, he let the Jackson police in attendance endure his wrath anyway.)

"I wanna thank y'all for getting on the bus," 50 said between songs. "When I tried to do it in the 'hood ... they tell me I don't come through the 'hood. I come through. But you don't see me 'cause I'm usually in something where I can't be seen. You see them over there, though, that's the motherf---ing police. They the ones that say I can't do it. I'm from the Southside!"