DJ AM Talks About His Passion For Sneakers In 2006

AM showed off his 600-plus pairs of sneakers in what he called 'not 'MTV Cribs' — this is 'MTV Kicks'!'

While fans and friends continue to mourn the unexpected passing of DJ AM, it's important to celebrate the man's life — his passion for music and the everyday things that made him smile.

As anyone who has seen his cameo in HBO's "Entourage" — in which he plays himself in a battle to secure the last remaining pair of an impossible-to-obtain line of sneakers — can see, AM loved shoes. He loved them so much, he had more than 600 pairs, and in 2006 he welcomed MTV News into his home for what he called "not 'MTV Cribs' — this is 'MTV Kicks'!"

"I got real obsessed with sneakers in second grade and my grandma took me to buy shoes," he said. "It was right when the Air Force II came out. It just looked like a spaceship to me. I just had to have it, and I begged my grandma to buy it. And when she saw how much they were she was like, 'You're a trip!' "

AM had so many shoes — from companies like Nike, Reebok and Adidas — that he had to stash them throughout his house, in his bedroom, guest room, closets, laundry room and what he termed his "ghetto gangster garage."

"There are some shoes I have that I didn't care how much they cost, I was on a mission," he said, even admitting he'd buy a second pair to remain untouched. "And then I have to have two. I want to wear one and I keep one on ice.

"It's never been laced up," he explained.

Two of his favorites were a pair of purple and gray, Eminem-inspired Nike Jordans and some white and silver Nike Air Forces onto which the sneaker company had burned AM's logo.

"I'll cuddle these things," he laughed. "I'll go to sleep with them."

While proudly showing off how he organized the pristine shoes — by make and model, with identifying Polaroids on each box — AM turned toward the camera with a broad smile.

"I probably sound like a complete nut," he laughed. "But I am!"