'Twilight' Convention-Goers Hit The Vampire Ball

Lucky costume-contest winners got to dance with wolf pack member Alex Meraz.

PARSIPPANY, New Jersey — It may not have been the Forks High School prom, but a host of "Twilight" conventioneers were dressed to kill for the Vampire Ball on Saturday at the official "Twilight" convention.

Attendees were encouraged to dress like their favorite saga star, though many opted to hit the dance floor dressed simply as their most stylish selves. There were a few crafty souls, however, who fashioned spot-on costumes, many preparing weeks in advance for the big night.

"I made this dress myself," said Kesha Linehan, 31, of Milford, Pennsylvania, who came dressed as Alice in a lace-covered shift. "It took me three weeks to do."

Alyssa Marsico, 20, of Putnam Valley, New York, came in what turned out to be — fittingly enough — the evening's most popular costume: Bella at prom. Decked in a shiny blue dress, crutches, an ankle brace and a lone Converse sneaker, Marsico said she was hoping to win the evening's costume contest.

Three girls who had already won "Twilight" trivia contests earlier in the week received their big (and handsome) prizes too. In addition to glitzy makeovers, the trio were treated to a dance with a wolf pack member (Alex Meraz, Chaske Spencer or Kiowa Gordon).

Jessica Milne, 15, of New Milford, New Jersey, won the dance with Meraz, whose moves were theatrical to say the least. "Alex was really sweet about everything," Milne gushed afterward. "He told me when he was going to dip me and spin me because I was afraid of falling. Everyone went wild and took a lot of photos."

After the dance, the wolf pack members, along with Gil Birmingham, who plays Jacob's father, Billy Black, circulated throughout the room hugging giddy fans.

The ladies weren't the only ones getting in on the action, though. A few male Twilighters attended, most with their girlfriends and dressed as their favorite "Twilight" couple. Cassie Attanasio and Kince Ward, both of Central Islip, New York, came dressed as Renesmee (the daughter of Edward and Bella) and Jacob, with Kince sporting a wolf-head hat and matching tail safety-pinned to his pants.

In addition to costume making, attendees were able to flex their creative muscles by crafting "Twilight"-themed centerpieces in the hopes of winning a $250 gift certificate. Designs varied from the "Breaking Dawn" honeymoon scene, with Bella and Edward action figures tucked into a gauzy white canopy bed, to the pivotal "Twilight" meadow scene, depicted with lion and lamb stuffed animals referencing a famous line from the book.

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