DJ AM Remembered By Khaled, Premier, Other DJs

'Everyone has love for DJ AM. ... He made other DJs proud!' DJ Khaled told MTV News.

There's no sector in hip-hop that was hit harder by the death of Adam Goldstein, better known as and DJ AM, than his fellow turntable generals. The DJ community is heartbroken about the loss of one their most talented and popular comrades.

Producer Jermaine Dupri was too grief-stricken to comment, while DJ Jazzy Jeff expressed his sorrow on Twitter.

"Words cannot express the hurt I'm feeling right now," Jeff wrote about his fellow Philadelphia native. "I'm still waiting for this to be a terrible joke."

"I almost crashed my car when I heard that he was found dead," DJ Whoo Kid remembered on Saturday (August 29). "My homey was a legend!"

"It's sad, we lost an amazing DJ," DJ Khaled told MTV News. "Everyone has love for DJ AM. ... He made other DJs proud! DJ AM we will miss you. R.I.P. Every DJ will keep your name alive!"

"Adam lived life to the fullest," the DJ's good friend DJ Irie said. "Anything he set his mind to, he not only accomplished but conquered. His stamp on the music industry will endure through time. DJs across the world will make sure his legacy lives on."

Clinton Sparks commented, "He was an original, an innovator and his influence will forever live on in our culture. Whether they know it or not, all DJs have been influenced by him. Thank you DJ AM."

"We are extremely saddened about the loss of DJ AM," Play N Skillz said in a joint statement. "He was a great person who cared and loved for everyone around him and his spirit will live on through the many people he touched. We started out as DJs and DJ AM has always been an inspiration to us, his dynamic ear for music made him legendary in the industry and he will be greatly missed."

Almost every DJ you ask about AM will not just remark on his success and kindness as a person but on his undeniable skill. He possessed a tremendous instinct for song selection, and no one can deny the skill he had on turntables. He and Travis Barker would have live shows where they would remix songs right there on the spot.

"AM not only helped take DJing to a new frontier as the first true mainstream celebrity DJ, he opened the doors for me and many others by taking DJing as a culture, business, and lifestyle to the next level," DJ Skee said. "I send my deepest thoughts and condolences to his family."

DJ AM: A Life In Photos

"It's a sad day. DJ AM was a great person and a great turntablist. He took DJing to another level by playing outside the box," DJ Envy concurred. "He will always be missed and remembered."

"This is crazy," ATL-based OG Greg Street told MTV News. "I was just asking for people on Twitter to have him hit me about three or four days ago. The real crazy part is he just survived a plane crash and now this. A lot of people don't understand the stress that others deal with day to day."

DJ Premier said he'd known AM for over 14 years and spoke about their relationship on his radio show last night.

"I met him when he was 14 years old at a Cypress Hill, House of Pain, Hooligans show. He was with Alchemist and Scott Caan, James Caan's son ... and we took pictures. The other day, he sent me the pictures, and I'm gonna make a T-shirt of that.

"I already heard people are trying to hate like he wasn't important, like he wasn't a dope DJ," Primo added. "Let me tell you something: He is the f---in' sh--. This dude's a f---in' maniac on turntables, for real. You have to experience this dude's tactics on turntables — he's sick with it. And if I cosign it, f--- any DJ who disagrees. You either haven't seen him spin ... and this dude's history, his knowledge of music, was intense."

DJ Stretch Armstrong, a longtime friend of AM's, told MTV News: "I was trying to think of an analogy in music to AM and the only group I could really think of is the Beatles. Everything the Beatles did, they knocked down a door. Every year there was something new, whether it was what they were recording or the technology and techniques they were employing. And it's kind of like that with AM. He knocked down and opened so many doors that had never even been knocked on by DJs. These doors might be open but there's no one that can walk in them right now, and who knows if there will be? He was a singular talent in that way."

And DJ Drama told MTV News on Friday, "Knowing AM and watching him and seeing the heights that he's reached the last couple years has been great. One, because he's a DJ. And when the incident plane crash happened last year, every time I saw him afterward, he was just a real good dude. He accomplished a lot, man. The hip-hop world lost a good one. DJs, we really lost great one."