DJ AM Was 'Revolutionary,' Says Sway

'I was extremely proud of him, what he was able to do as a DJ,' Sway Calloway says.

On Friday (August 28), as news broke of DJ AM's tragic death, many of his friends and fans took to Twitter to react to the 36-year-old's untimely passing.

Another friend that will miss Adam Goldstein is MTV News correspondent Sway Calloway. Sway remembered his friend as revolutionary and was still reeling from the news. "Here we have another loss with somebody who's really respected, somebody who revolutionized music culture," he said. "What Travis Barker and DJ AM would do when they were onstage with Travis on percussion and AM on the turntables that was definitely revolutionary."

Sway recalls first hearing about AM through the hip-hop culture and remembers him as being a "dope" DJ. "I was glad that I had the moments that I shared with this man — he was a very unselfish person. I never got a bad vibe from him. I was extremely proud of him, what he was able to do as a DJ.

"I just knew he was a dope DJ. I just liked the way he carved his own path. Not only did he carve a path for himself, he also helped a lot of people," Sway offered. "He opened a lot of doors for a lot of people. Everybody was in his circle, 'cause he created that kind of energy. ... I think it's time we appreciate people when they are on this planet. DJ AM is just one person that the music world is truly going to miss. He was a true music lover."