Juelz Santana Says Altercation Was 'Blown Out Of Proportion'

'Any little thing becomes a big thing,' rapper says of his neighborhood.

[artist id="1237281"]Juelz Santana[/artist] made headlines earlier in the week after he was arrested and later charged with making criminal threats against the mother of his child during an argument outside of his Teaneck, New Jersey, home.

But the Harlem rapper explained that the situation was blown out of proportion and nowhere near as explosive as has been reported. He said the dispute between him and a "significant other" was a personal moment that just occurred in the wrong public space.

"It happened in a small town in New Jersey where there's not too much going on," he told MTV News on Friday (August 28). "So any little thing becomes a big thing. But that's just how they do around here."

Santana wouldn't go into much detail about the cause of the argument, calling the conversation a personal moment between him and his child's mother that he wanted to keep private. But Santana emphasized that there never was a moment where the woman was at any risk or harm while in his presence.

"Everybody has been in a situation with a female where you been mad or upset to a point where it becomes an argument," he said. "We all know how these things get ... they just get blown out of proportion sometimes. I live in an area where people aren't used to my kind — me being a young entertainer. My complex is more older people, it's quiet."

According to The Associated Press, police said the rapper told authorities the woman he was arguing with pulled out a knife. Santana refuted that claim, saying no weapon was drawn by either party. "She wasn't harmed at all, she wasn't gonna be harmed at all," he said.

Santana moved to the area approximately five years ago and despite an occasional misunderstanding between him and the neighbors he said he feels comfortable in the area. (The rapper still remains close to his community; he recently held a charitable weekend in the Bronx where he treated residents to a party, a trip to Six Flags Great Adventure and paid for a neighborhood picnic.)

"I love the spot so much, it's not even about the neighbors," he said. "People have told me to move, but I love the actual structure of the condo I live in. Even if I did go get another house, I'd still keep it. But there's people in houses [around] who are nosy as hell."

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