Shwayze Stages 'Hot, Sweaty, Sexy Dance Party' For 'Get U Home' Video

'Sorority Row' cast gets down in duo's latest clip.

Don't say [artist id="2999338"]Shwayze[/artist] and Cisco Adler aren't addressing the pressing issues of the day. Some public figures take on health care reform, the shaky economy, the war on terror. Shwayze and Adler, with their single "Get U Home," are addressing a thorny situation they seem to be saying often afflicts them.

"The song was pretty much a party song," Shwayze told MTV News, "and it really pinpoints and describes how a man feels when he's at the club a little intoxicated, sees a pretty girl, but home is far away, or maybe you don't have enough money to get a hotel."

The single appears on the soundtrack for the horror movie "Sorority Row," so the video plays off the idea of a wild college party that turns into a death trap for its unsuspecting participants. Shwayze and Adler have been hired to play at a sorority, but girls keep disappearing as a cloaked figure hovers in the background. Those girls include "Row" stars Leah Pipes, Rumer Willis, Briana Evigan, Caroline D'Amore and Margo Harshman.

Coming out on Friday, the video takes place in a hundred-year-old house and veers from live-music bash to an all-girl dance party to a hoedown in an attic without the benefit of air-conditioning.

"We were partying it up and it was kinda hot," Willis said.

"Hot, sweaty, sexy dance party!" Harshman added.

And what do Shwayze and Adler think a guy should do if he finds himself in such a situation and can't quite procure a bed or rent a room?

"You can't wait!" Adler said. "So go to the bathroom!"