John Mayer's Mug Shot Earns $25,000 For Animal Charities

'The real winners today are the puppies,' Mayer tweeted alongside pictures of two checks.

Let's all give [artist id="1220799"]John Mayer[/artist] a round of applause for the week's most altruistic use of Twitter. Little more than 24 hours after he challenged TMZ to produce a copy of his 2001 mug shot and offered a charitable $25,000 reward, the singer has coughed up the dough.

Following the photo's publication by both TMZ and The Smoking Gun, Mayer uploaded images of two different checks, each for $12,500 — one to Pet Orphans of Southern California and another to Ace of Hearts — which are both organizations that rescue animals from the Los Angeles area and place them in adoptive homes.

"Well done, TMZ," Mayer tweeted. "But the real winners today are the puppies."

"[John Mayer] is awesome," TMZ's Harvey Levin wrote on his Twitter. "These two animal charities are really hurting 'cause of the economy. J.M. has just saved a bunch of lives."

The whole thing got started when Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump was arrested in L.A. for driving without a valid license and his mug shot was widely disseminated on the Internet. Mayer announced that he had been arrested for the same offense and challenged TMZ to locate his mug shot for the charitable donation. The Smoking Gun actually beat TMZ to the scoop, posting Mayer's mug shot following his arrest in Atlanta in May 2001. The case was dismissed exactly one month later.

The success of the entire Twitter-based endeavor has Mayer thinking about other ways folks should dig into his past for a reward. "Challenge," he wrote. "I was married for four years to a member of the Moody Blues. Produce the certificate and I'll buy you one chicken tender."