Heidi And Spencer Weigh In On Brody Jenner's Fight With Joe Francis

'There's always two sides to the story,' Heidi Montag tells MTV News.

If Brody Jenner was hoping to get some support from his old pal Spencer Pratt after a reported tussle with Joe Francis, he'd better think again. It seems that Pratt and Jenner are on the outs once again, and Heidi Montag's husband isn't about to offer any support.

"I hear Brody got tased," Pratt told MTV News. "I don't know if that's what you'd call a fight. I heard Brody sucker-punched Joe, so then Brody got tasered. I don't speak to Brody, as you'll see on this season of 'The Hills.' We're definitely not friends."

According to TMZ, Francis, Jenner and girlfriend Jayde Nicole had all been hanging out at Guys and Dolls in Los Angeles (the same club where Chris Brown was seen singing and dancing after his sentencing Tuesday). Nicole thought Francis was harassing a mutual acquaintance and threw a drink on him. Francis then allegedly physically assaulted Nicole, bruising her and pulling out some of her hair.

Montag said she knows both parties involved in the scuffle and she isn't sure what happened. But does know that the several times she's met Francis in the past, he's only ever been nice to her.

"There's always two sides to the story," she said. "I've met Joe many times, and he's always been very nice and very hospitable, and so that seems very unlike Joe."

As for Nicole, Heidi said she doesn't "really know her very well. I've only met her, like, twice, and she was always nice."

Heidi added that when people go out to clubs and start to party, sometimes things get out of hand, noting that the reported events seem to rival anything she's ever experienced on "The Hills." "I'm sure with alcohol and being out at clubs and yelling always gets out of hand," she said. "I hope they work that all out. It seems really crazy."