'Halloween II' Cheat Sheet: Everything You Need To Know

Before checking out the latest flick in the horror franchise, read about how it almost didn't happen.

Rob Zombie's "Halloween II" begins shortly after the first film's bloodbath of an ending, but don't sweat it if you didn't catch the writer/director/rocker's 2007 resurrection of this venerable, three-decade-old horror franchise. Don't even worry if you've never once seen psychopathic Michael Myers attacking the innocent citizens of Haddonfield, Illinois. MTV News is here to illuminate the chill-inducing darkness with our "Halloween II" cheat sheet — everything you need to know before hitting the theater this weekend.

The Previous Holidays

Before Zombie even got ahold of Myers' mask and machete, there'd been eight other installments in the franchise, starting with John Carpenter's original in 1978. In summer 2007, just weeks before the big-screen arrival of his "Halloween" reboot, director Rob Zombie said he was done with the franchise.

"My movie has a beginning, a middle and an end — and then I am done," he told MTV News. "Anything that comes after that? It will not involve me."

Then a couple of things happened: The movie became the #1 movie of the Labor Day weekend, and Zombie found out what other filmmakers were planning to do with the series he'd pulled off the horror-franchise scrap heap.

"I just got protective of the series, because I had spent so much time trying to revive the whole thing that it looked like they were just going to go back in and destroy it," he told MTV News recently.

Bringing 'Halloween' to Georgia

News broke in December that Zombie would, in fact, return for the sequel, and less than a month later, we got our first peek at the new face of Michael Myers, courtesy of special-effects and makeup guru Wayne Toth.

In March, MTV News headed down to the Covington, Georgia, set of "Halloween II" to get an inside look at what Zombie had planned for the film. We discovered evil clowns, gray-bearded werewolves and pumpkin-headed ghoulies — all extras for a 200-person Halloween rave scene. On set, Zombie emphasized how different his approach for this "Halloween" film was compared to other films in the franchise — including his 2007 effort.

"This one is 100 percent mine," he said. "Every day, we laugh about how different it is. We don't even think about 'Halloween' anymore. We just do what we do."

The Visions

Since the spring, we've been bringing you footage of Zombie's bloody spectacle. We delivered two different trailers, super creepy photos and some frightening exclusive clips. One involves a car crash, some unlucky coroners and a ticked-off Myers. Another finds Myers in his element: a dark and stormy night, a terrified victim and an ax.

We've also gotten an opportunity to get inside Zombie's twisted head, hearing his thoughts about the Halloween holiday, the inside scoop on the evolution of Myers as a character and his opinion about the "Twilight" franchise.

The Future

Will there be an 11th "Halloween" movie? And will Zombie direct or move on, even if he detests how others handle his material?

"No," he declared to MTV News at this year's Comic-Con. "I could not see that in any shape, way or form. Never."

Check out everything we've got on "Halloween II."

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