Taylor Swift Converts Pop-Loving Teens Into Country Fans

'Her songs, because she writes them, are kind of like what we go through,' one fans says at Madison Square Garden.

NEW YORK — Not surprisingly, [artist id="2389485"]Taylor Swift[/artist] seems to have a strong power over teenage girls. But aside from the massive singalongs at her concerts and the obvious fashion influence, she's also managed to make country fans out of people who normally like pop.

"I mean, I'm not really a fan of country but [then] I heard Taylor Swift," Adally, 16, from Lynbrook, New York, told MTV News before Swift's sold out show at Madison Square Garden. "[It's] kind of pop, so it's a good kind of country that kids can get into."

Cathy, a 16-year-old fan from New York, added, "I love that she stays grounded, and even though she's famous now she stays herself and she still writes her own songs and she's true."

It's that relatable quality in her music that has convinced 14-year-old Victoria from New Jersey to embrace more country music. "She's like not a diva. She signs autographs. She's really nice and she looks like a typical person. She acts like she still gets starstruck and she's normal," she said. "I kind of did [listen to country] and she really got me into it and I think she brought back country for different ages. She really brought it back for a younger age."

Fans like Alyssa, 15, and McClain, 16, enjoy the sense of pop in her music. "She's close to our age," Alyssa said. "She's down to Earth. I was never into country but this is like pop so it's good."

McClain added, "We just like vibe the gives off. She's around our age and she has fun music to listen and dance too. She made me like country music — I never really listened to it before her first song but because of her, I listen to country a lot more."

Meanwhile 16-year-old Kim added that "she's different than the other singers we listen to. And her songs, because she writes them, are kind of like what we go through."

For girls who already liked country, though, Swift has become their go-to artist when they need some music they can relate to.

New Jersey native 15-year-old Elizabeth said, "Well, I've been a big country fan my whole life so as soon as Taylor came on I stuck with her," she said. "She relates to us and she just got out of high school, so her songs really do relate to us."