Aubrey O'Day Wants To Get 'Gritty' On Her Reality Show

'I don't want to play a role to get ratings,' former Danity Kane singer says.

Just because her time on "Making the Band" has come to an end doesn't mean Aubrey O'Day is through with documenting her life on TV. The reality star is actually readying a new show that revolves around just her, but she's realizing that telling the truth while the cameras are rolling isn't as easy as it seemed the first time around.

"There's a lot of problems I'm having doing it, in the sense that everyone's really used to making 15-minutes-of-fame-type shows, shows that have train wrecks," she told MTV News about her show, which has yet to find a premiere date. "I don't want to play a role to get ratings."

This time around, O'Day wants to make a show on her own terms. "I don't want to make up story lines," she said. "We've made up enough story lines for 'Making the Band.' I want to make a reality show. I want to tell people the truth. I'm doing some gritty things."

O'Day, who is also hard at work prepping for her Las Vegas debut in "Peepshow," said she's already filmed some of the series and that the focus thus far has been on that new career path.

"My reality show just filmed the first few episodes when I went out to Vegas to announce my arrival at 'Peepshow,' and wow," she said. "It was quite an experience. Doing it on my own is a whole 'nother ballgame. It's about coming off that very public breakup, processing that and then moving on, and can I make it or is my 15 minutes up?"