Paramore's Hayley Williams On Baby Rumors: 'Just Call Me Octomom'

'What is this, the 10th time?' frontwoman says of renewed pregnancy talk.

It's basically become an annual tradition at this point: Some blog publishes a rumor that [artist id="1968732"]Paramore[/artist] frontwoman Hayley Williams is pregnant and that said pregnancy will somehow lead to the implosion of her band.

Last year, there were the whispers that Williams was having a baby and, as a result, Paramore were calling it quits. Things got so out-of-hand that Williams was forced to deny the rumors on Paramore's official site, writing a lengthy post that included the sentence "For the record, my Eggo is not preggo."

Now, with a new record and a headlining tour on the horizon, those rumors are back again.

On Wednesday, a blog called Rock On: Altitude — which promotes a mobile media channel of the same name — published a piece with the headline "Is Hayley Williams of Paramore Pregnant" (no question mark necessary, apparently). In it, they write, "Just when the big headlining tour has been announced, now comes word from the rumor mill that ... Williams is actually pregnant!"

The post fails to mention where these rumors were started (or being propagated, for that matter), but promises readers they'll keep them up to date on the situation, concluding with, "Stay tuned for details, and if this big tour suddenly gets 'postponed,' we'll know the real reason why."

Somewhat understandably, the post irked Williams, who took to her Twitter account (a luxury she did not have in previous years) to address the report. "What is this, the 10th time?" she wrote, linking to the Rock On story. "Just call me 'Octomom.' "

An hour later, in a second tweet, she poked fun at the rumor again. "Been staying up too late, so I took a Tylenol PM to knock myself up — I mean OUT," she wrote. "I am so sleepy. Goodnight world!"

That was apparently all she had to say about the matter, as she's since taken to tweeting about episodes of "True Blood" (she's a Sookie fan) and letting fans know that she likes Greek food (you hear that, [url id=""]Nick Neofitidis[/url]?).

MTV News attempted to contact the site through its parent company, GoTV, but at press time, those attempts had proved unsuccessful.