Young Jeezy Wants To Make His Own 'Hood's Hottest MCs List

'Some people wanna be a lyricist. Me, I wanna be real,' Jeezy says of his potential placement on our list of 2009 Hottest MCs in the Game.

The Snowman can bring the heat in any weather. Young Jeezy has been consistently showing his pull with the fans on Young Money Presents: The America's Most Wanted Music Festival, keeping spectators on their feet throughout his set with not just his own music, but by showing off with fellow celebrities. LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, E-40 and others have come out onstage to show love to Jeezy throughout his visits to different states. The Recession was one of the best-received albums of 2008 ... heck, "My President" alone makes the LP a must-have. The Atlanta king is street credible, has swag — excuse us, Mr. Jeezy, savoir faire — for days, but is it enough to get him on the [url id=""]2009 Hottest MCs[/url] list? If he does make it, should he be top five? So much to debate. (To see what it takes to make the list, check out our Hottest MCs criteria.)

Young recently told us he has his own ideas for the Hottest MCs list, saying that we should make a 'Hood's Hottest MCs list of the realest street cats in the game. He would even like to sit down with some of his rap friends and make up a list.

"Even with me, when y'all first put in the bracket, some people think different," he explained. "Some people wanna be a lyricist. Me, I wanna be real. It's gotta be different categories."

Jeezy does agree you could be real and not be hot.

"You can," Young noted. "There's a lot of cats that do. You gotta get that list though. There's a lot of cats underground you might not even know about that everybody listens to."

Jeezy also notes that when the MTV News Hip-Hop Brain Trust makes their Hottest list, they shouldn't include legends against some of the younger artists.

"You shouldn't put a Nas on there. Or a KRS-One. That's crazy to put those cats in the same category. They think differently. That's why we should do mine. ... It's gonna cause more controversy than you think. People gonna be calling being like, 'He ain't really like that.' "

Who do you think is the Hottest MC in the Game? Don't forget to vote from now through September 21 to have your voice heard.