'Twilight' Fans, Meet The New Men Of 'Eclipse'

Get to know the three guys joining the 'Twilight' family in the third installment of the franchise.

These days, Twilighters have their blinders on and are focused intently on "New Moon," coming to theaters in November. But the momentum is going to keep on rolling with "Eclipse," the summer 2010 film that recently began shooting in Vancouver.

On Wednesday, we introduced you to the female stars who are joining the franchise for its third installment. Now, it's time to bring the beefcake with three soon-to-be fan favorites, each a pivotal character in the "Twilight" saga.

Meet The Cast Of "Eclipse"

Actor: Xavier Samuel

Character: Riley

The Lowdown: In the wise words of both Bette Midler and Sigmund the Sea Monster, you've gotta have friends. Even Victoria the bloodthirsty vampire knows this, which is why she reacts to the bummer news of Cam Gigandet's James and Edi Gathegi's Laurent biting the dust by finding herself a new buddy. But instead of hanging out at the mall or going to a JoBros concert together, Bryce Dallas Howard's Victoria and Xavier Samuel's Riley will enjoy scheming against werewolves and planning to take down the Cullen clan. Fans can look forward to Samuel — a 25-year-old actor in his first major film — serving as the leader of Victoria's newborn army, invading Bella's room and then having a bloody battle with Edward and Seth Clearwater.

Actor: BooBoo Stewart

Character: Seth Clearwater

The Lowdown: Aside from having the coolest name of any actor since Rip Torn, the casting of BooBoo Stewart is big news to "Twilight" saga fans for a variety of reasons. One of Jacob's shape-shifting homeys, Seth is the brother of Leah, and one of the few wolves who consider the vampires to be friends. Although glimpsed in the "New Moon" novel, filmmakers Chris Weitz and David Slade seem to have collectively decided to bump Seth into the third film. Still, he'll be a fresh face when he finally shows up in the persona of 15-year-old cutie BooBoo — who, much like Taylor Lautner, seems to have an affinity for martial-arts/ dance/ gymnastic routines. Something tells us those two will have plenty of fun between takes.

Actor: Jack Huston

Character: Royce King

The Lowdown: Much like Catalina Sandino Moreno's Maria, Huston's Royce is inextricably linked to the origins of one the Cullens, and not in a manner in which they should be proud. Flashback to early 20th-century New York, where Rosalie Hale was a beautiful teenager with a bright future ahead of her. Falling for Royce King II, Rosalie will suspect that they don't share the same sort of love as other engaged couples — and will eventually be beaten, presumably raped and left to die. These events — as well as her transformation and salvation at the hands of Carlisle — will go a long way toward explaining why Nikki Reed has spent much of the first few films with such a bad case of the Mondays. Oh, and the scene where vampire Rosalie gets revenge on her would-be killers? Just wait until blood-loving "30 Days of Night" director Slade gets his fingerprints all over that one.

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