Kristen Stewart Puts Herself In 'Messengers' Character's Shoes In 2005

'Twilight' star also shared a spooky experience that made her swap bedrooms with her brother.

In 2005, Kristen Stewart was busy filming the horror flick "The Messengers," and it seemed like she was already starting to embrace her dark side. Now, she's better known as Bella Swan, the girl in a love triangle with a werewolf and a vampire.

Recently, she told MTV News how emotionally distraught she was making "New Moon," thanks to its intense plot points. During the making of "The Messengers," Stewart was already establishing herself as a serious actress who could feel the emotions of the character she's playing.

"I think about the situations the character is in," she told MTV News on the "Messengers" set. "The situations that the character I play is in are scary enough."

Could Stewart relate to her character's spooky experiences? "I've never seen a ghost or anything, but I've had some strange occurrences in my life." She then recalled one time when she was "sitting on my bed and I was a lot younger, I think I was, like, maybe 11 or 12, I was making a rubber-band ball — for whatever reason I was doing that I don't know — but my TV was up on the ceiling [on a rotating holder], and it wasn't on and no one was in there with me.

"And I look up, and it moved over and faced me, and then the chair in front of my desk is a spinning chair, and it started to creek like somebody walked by, and I kind of looked from the TV to the chair to the door, and I was out," she continued. "And now it's my brother's room."

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