Will Lil Wayne, Eminem, Kanye West And Drake Deliver On 'Forever'?

Our hip-hop experts predict whose verse will steal the show, in Off the Dome.

Eminem, Young Money and Kanye West — that's what you call an O.D. of talent.

The collection of MCs has aligned for a song called "Forever," from the upcoming LeBron James documentary "More Than a Game." This is obviously the biggest hip-hop collaboration since last year's "Swagga Like Us," featuring Kanye, Wayne, Jay-Z and T.I.

"Forever" originally hit the mixtape circuit awhile ago with Drake, Wayne and Nut Da Kid. According to Young Money's Mack Maine, the track has been retooled and rebooted with Drizzy, Weezy and the two international superstars.

Sometimes when a lineup is this strong, a song can't deliver, but we're betting the bank that these four won't disappoint. Kanye has been a beast with his guest appearances lately (especially that verse on Jay-Z's "Run This Town"), Weezy is always a killer, and Drake would be a fool if he doesn't come with some classic lines. It's another golden opportunity for the 22-year-old Canadian to get major shine. He has the best looks lately.

Eminem, he's the wild card. Off reputation alone, he automatically ups the ante. For so many years, he's been one of the standard-bearers for quality of music and success, so his presence just about assures that everyone's bars will be up to par.

Myself and my partner (the b-day boy!!!!) Rahman Dukes sat down, as we do every day, and kicked it about the song. Each of us had ideas about whose verse would steal the show. Check out our conversation, then let us know your prediction for hottest verse on the song.