Stephanie Pratt Thinks Heidi Looks 'Banging' In Playboy

Montag's sister-in-law also relieved to see that Spencer's hard work on her music career is paying off.

Stephanie Pratt has noticed one thing about the new season of "The Hills": There are a lot of Playboy models hanging around. In addition to Brody Jenner's girlfriend, Jayde Nicole, who was named Playmate of the Year in 2008, Pratt's sister-in-law, Heidi Montag, is now an alumna of the magazine.

And it seems that Heidi and Jade are developing quite a friendship based on their new common interest. "Heidi's always really liked Jayde," Pratt told MTV News. "Heidi was always saying that she's really sweet and stuff.

"Heidi, she looks banging [in Playboy]," Pratt added of Montag's pictorial in the September issue. She was also a fan of Heidi's performance at the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday. "I really thought it was flawless."

Pratt said she was happy to see that all the work that Heidi and Spencer have put into her music career is finally paying off.

"I called my mom, 'cause I got to see it earlier than them, 'cause they're all in L.A., and I told her, 'Yay, thank God,' " Pratt admitted. " Since he met Heidi, and Heidi said, 'I want to be a pop singer,' all Spencer has done was to try to make her a pop singer. [He's spent] hours in the studio. ... He just networks for her. They're great!"