Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump On His Arrest: 'Man, Is Mom Gonna Be Pissed!'

Singer was arrested for driving without a valid license.

[artist id="1235716"]Fall Out Boy[/artist] frontman Patrick Stump has now officially done hard time. Four hours of it!

Late Tuesday night, Stump was arrested in West Hollywood, California, after a Beverly Hills court issued a traffic warrant for his arrest. He had been driving without a valid license, a misdemeanor offense in the state of California that Britney Spears was charged with in 2007, though she argued her primary residence was Louisiana. Her case was eventually declared a mistrial.

According to TMZ.com,

Stump was taken to the West Hollywood Sherriff's station, where he had his mug shot taken He was released at around 4:30 a.m. after posting $15,000 bail.

So, what did Stump learn from his brush with the law? Well, as it turns out, plenty.

"All I really have to say is ignorance of the law isn't innocence," Stump told MTV News approximately 90 minutes after he posted bail. "I didn't want to give up my Illinois driver's license and was unaware that was a crime. It is, by the way, in the state of California. Lesson learned. I technically broke a law, so technically I deserve whatever I get. But man, is my mom gonna be pissed."

If convicted of the misdemeanor charge, Stump could face a maximum of six months in jail and/or a $1,000 fine. At press time, the Los Angeles Sheriff's Department had yet to assign an arraignment date for the singer's case.

He also could possibly be grounded by his mom.