Chris Brown Fans React To His Sentencing

Fans — and detractors — sound off on Brown's legal woes on

On the day Chris Brown was formally sentenced for his February altercation with then-girlfriend Rihanna, his fans (both current and former) have taken to, letting us know their reactions to the news.

As a result of a plea deal he struck last month, Brown received five years probation, 180 days of community labor work and a year of domestic-abuse counseling. The judge in the case, however, failed to lift the protective order issued against the singer, warning him that he must stay away from Rihanna for a period of five years' — until August 25, 2014 — when his probation period ends.

Chris Brown Arrives For His Sentencing

But what do his supporters — and detractors — think of the sentence? Did Brown get off easy, or are the terms of his deal unfair? Here's what users had to say.

"I wish people will just get off his back and move on already. Let him serve his time and get on with his life. Rihanna did so why is it so hard for y'all to move on?" AngelEyes 10 said. "You know the saying 'Forgive and Forget'? Even if y'all cant forgive like me, please do us all a favor ... and forget. It's in the past. I know y'all caring about Rihanna but y'all ain't doing her no favors constantly bringing it up. She put that in the past and moved on already."

Randie thought Brown's punishment should have been harsher, saying, "Good, hope he gets 30 years or more in jail, that would teach him not to hit a woman."

"While I completely agree with you Randie, unfortunately I don't think the judge will be changing his sentence to that extreme. We would be lucky to have Chris have to spend even three days in jail," FLCutie1981 offered.

Flymikei was satisfied with the judgment, saying, "Sweet. This jackass has to learn that even as a celebrity, there are consequences for everything."

However, Music_2Lover has hope for Brown's future. "Is the legal side of this finally over? I'm ready to see him try to salvage his career. That should be fun to watch."