'Twilight' Documentary Sheds Light On The Real Forks

'We wanted to expose this really cool and unique area to the world,' producer York Baur says of 'Twilight in Forks.'

SANTA MONICA, California — If you're like most Twilighters, you have a wall calendar with the November 20 release date of [movie id="414921"]"New Moon"[/movie] marked by a giant X, a star or two, and four or five red circles around it. But if you can't wait that long, now you have a new date to mark down — and a new "Twilight"-related movie to look forward to.

"The full title is 'Twilight in Forks: The Saga of the Real Town,' " explained producer York Baur, revealing details exclusively to MTV about the soon-to-be-released flick, whose existence has remained a secret — until now. "It's a documentary about the town and the impact of the 'Twilight' phenomenon on the town. It's a DVD that is shot in full HD, and it's going to be available to the public on October 15."

From now until that date, Baur and director Jason Brown will be unveiling exclusive sneak peeks of the film on MTV.com every Tuesday — continuing to lift the veil on the first-ever "Twilight" documentary.

"Everybody that's a fan of 'Twilight' has a vision of what Forks is like," Brown said of the real-life Washington town where Stephenie Meyer set her vampire-romance saga. "In the movie, we get a peek at that. But in fact, they didn't shoot the ['Twilight'] movie in Forks. So we've gone actually out to Forks. And you'll get a chance to meet some of the real people and see some of the real places that are featured in the story."

Shot with a beautiful, natural look that harnesses the massive woodlands and entrancing beaches of the small logging town, the flick is funny and sincere, enlightening and more than a bit mysterious — all at the same time. And while the film isn't officially affiliated with the franchise, it gives insight into the real town that inspired the author.

"I actually grew up partially in the Forks area," Baur said of the origins of the project. "My family's had a summer cabin since I was 3 years old ... the people are really unique, and it's so remote. One of the facts we learned along the way is that Forks is actually closer to outer space than it is to the nearest Wal-Mart! It's 62 miles to outer space and 67 miles to the Wal-Mart in Sequim. It's a very special, unique place."

Over the last several years, tens of thousands of Twilighters have made the pilgrimage to Forks, a real-life Disneyland of all things Stephenie Meyer. But if you can't make the long trip to the deep woods where the Cullens may live, "Twilight in Forks" will show you how the phenomenon was born — and whether vampires and werewolves could really be enjoying the region's famously rain-soaked climate.

"The project was the instigation of us saying that we wanted to expose this really cool and unique area to the world through the lens of the 'Twilight' phenomenon," explained Baur. "The film can be pre-ordered through our Web site; it's also available for pre-order on Amazon starting now, and it'll be available at traditional retailers as well on October 15."

For a first look at the "Twilight in Forks" artwork, head over to Hollywood Crush. And be sure to keep checking back every Tuesday, as we'll be rolling out more "Twilight in Forks" exclusive content in the weeks to come.

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