'Zombieland' Stars Have A Blast Hunting Down Drooling Flesh-Eaters

Emma Stone, Jesse Eisenberg and Woody Harrelson find the joy in their nightmare world.

SAN DIEGO — If zombies rose up from their graves tomorrow, they'd want to eat our brains. Every second of our remaining lives would be a living nightmare, sneaking and hiding and running away from the undead. The world, as we know it, would become a living hell.

Or would it? That's the provocative, fun-loving central question behind [movie id="407353"]"Zombieland,"[/movie] a buzz-heavy film out October 2 that finds a small group of people embracing their inner monster-hunters when they find themselves in a world full of limping, drooling flesh-eaters. As part of our ongoing Fall Preview week, we recently caught up with the film's stars to ask them a question we've all pondered at one time or another: If you had to kill a zombie, what would be your weapon of choice?

"I have a pretty cool pump shotgun [in the film] that I liked a lot," grinned "House Bunny" star [movieperson id="459272"]Emma Stone[/movieperson], who plays Wichita, one of the four survivors — who also include Little Rock, Tallahassee and Columbus — who call themselves after their hometowns so they won't grow close enough to be unable to kill each other in case of infection. "I did [train with a real gun]. I had to go to a gun range. We got to pick the weapon from there. I was originally supposed to have a genuine, old-school shotgun. Then I tried a handgun, a shotgun and a rifle, but when I got this pump shotgun in my hand, I was like, 'This is it. This is it!' It was pretty cool."

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"The movie takes place in this post-apocalyptic world called Zombieland," explained "The Squid and the Whale" star

[movieperson id="275681"]Jesse Eisenberg[/movieperson], who plays Columbus. "And it tells the story of these four individuals who join together despite different circumstances to survive in this world. I'm obsessed with survival, and I have a list of 47 rules for how to survive in a world of zombies."

Forget about weapons — Eisenberg's list might actually be the most valuable asset in a zombie uprising. "Pre-Zombieland, [my character] has obsessive-compulsive disorder," the actor explained. "Post-Zombieland, he uses that to his advantage. ... The list is comically boring. Like, Ziploc bags, carry a suitcase with wheels on the bottom instead of a duffel bag so that you can run faster while being chased by a zombie. You want to limber up, to make sure you've stretched; do a lot of cardio. Always know your way out; don't be a hero."

"It is supposed to be a comedy," reasoned [movieperson id="26961"]Woody Harrelson[/movieperson], who has likely one of the fall's breakout characters: a banjo-toting, homicidal, loner madman who seems to be having the most fun in this world of mayhem and murder. And what's his weapon of choice? "I like chain saws," he said, flashing a wicked grin. "I get to wield two at the same time."

"It's hilarious. I think it might be the funniest movie that has ever been made," director Ruben Fleischer deadpanned. "These are the survivors in a zombie-filled, barren landscape. And now they have to kill zombies, get Twinkies, meet some girls and travel across the country."

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