Juelz Santana Arrested After Argument With Police

Rapper's rep refutes reports that he was in a verbal dispute with his 'wife' in front of their child.

[artist id="1237281"]Juelz Santana[/artist] was arrested Tuesday morning (August 25) after an argument with police, but he is not in jail, according to the rapper's rep.

Santana and his son's mother had a dispute in front of his home in Teaneck, New Jersey, and neighbors called the police. When the cops arrived, Santana (born Laron James) was arrested after getting into an argument with authorities. He was taken to the station and then released. Juelz, an original member of the Diplomats and leader of new rap crew the Skull Gang, was not charged with a crime.

Juelz's rep said he is back at home now and refuted reports that went out earlier Tuesday saying he was in a verbal dispute with his "wife" in front of their child. Santana is not married, and no child was present during their argument or his arrest.

A rep for the Teaneck police said a report about the incident is still being compiled and no details are ready to be released.

Earlier this year, Santana spearheaded the debut compilation from the Skull Gang and has been at work on his new mixtape, The Regan Era. Santana also has an album in the works called Born to Lose, Built to Win, which is coming out on Def Jam. The Harlem native has not released a solo album since 2005 but has remained a viable hip-hop commodity through his various mixtapes (some of which featured leaked songs from an unreleased duet album with Lil Wayne called I Can't Feel My Face) and a string of guest appearances the past several months alongside Jim Jones on "Pop Champagne" and "Dancing on Me."