Britney Spears Concertgoers Show Their Love With Homemade Fashion

'We think Britney's so crazy, so we got inspired to tie-dye,' one fan says outside Madison Square Garden show.

Throughout the first show of Britney Spears' three-night stand at Madison Square Garden on Monday, the pop star changed from one flirtatious outfit into another, going from a gold-plated bustier to an S&M-inspired getup to an outfit that had her looking like the world's most provocative genie. As MTV News discovered before the show, fans heading in to check out the Circus took their own fashion choices just as seriously as the night's main attraction.

The Brit-obsessed concertgoers rocked out hand-painted T-shirts, laboriously constructed outfits and, in at least one case, a fashion tribute in a foreign tongue.

Three teens from Richboro, Pennsylvania, spent eight hours prepping their outfits and traveled two hours into the city to give a Russian language shout-out to their pop idol.

"We didn't want to write in English, because everyone was going to do that," Irene Azvolinsky, 14, explained about their colorful shirts. "We just decided to write in Russian. She's been to Russia lately!"

How familiar Spears became with the language after performing for one night in Moscow in July is anybody's guess. But the girls certainly get major points for originality. Milling outside MSG were countless fans with homemade shirts sporting the "Gimme More" line "It's Britney, bi---!"

Kristen Howe, 18, and William Schamp, 19, toiled for an entire day to create their tie-dye T-shirts and headgear. "We think Britney's so crazy, so we got inspired to tie-dye and write some of her lyrics on it," he said. "When we think of tie-dye, we think of Britney."

While many fans put in serious time to create new looks for the concert, others wanted to honor the past through their concert garb. Eighteen-year-old Eliza McNitt proudly displayed a feather headdress she made 14 years earlier — "I was an elaborate 4-year-old," she laughed — and spoke about the connection between her own fashion-centric attitude growing up and Spears' example in music videos.

"Britney was my childhood," McNitt said. "She made me excited to wear my school uniform every day."