Heidi Montag Says Miss Universe Performance Was Live

'It was the livest performance in history,' Spencer Pratt says, brushing off lip-synching rumors.

At Sunday night's Miss Universe pageant in the Bahamas, [artist id="3187707"]Heidi Montag[/artist] strutted across the stage and showed off her bare midriff as she performed her new single, "Body Language." But did she actually sing on live TV? When Heidi and husband Spencer Pratt landed in Los Angeles on Monday night, they brushed off the suggestion that she was lip-synching, without actually refuting it.

"I was as live as live could be," Montag told TMZ as the couple settled into a black SUV outside Los Angeles International Airport.

"It was the livest performance in history," Pratt added.

Singing or not, there's no doubt Montag's performance became the most memorable moment of the pageant, far eclipsing chatter about the night's eventual winner, Miss Venezuela.

"I'm still recovering from my wife's super-galaxy star performance," Pratt said as he made his way through LAX in a black tank top. His sister, Stephanie, also weighed in on Monday, telling MTV News that Heidi's performance blew her away.

After Sunday's event, it took the reality stars a little longer than expected to get home because of a sick passenger on their plane. "Our flight has been sitting on the runway for an hour because they suspect a passenger has swine flu!" Pratt wrote on his Twitter. "What is happening to the world!"

But after the passenger was removed, the plane took off, and Montag tweeted, "Closing my eyes. What a weekend! Praise God, whooooo I need some R & R."

Back in L.A. and headed through the airport wearing a free-flowing dress, Heidi told TMZ, "It was the best trip ever. Miss Universe was the best experience of my life. It was just a miracle."