Britney Spears Fans Gather Early For Madison Square Garden Show

'I've choreographed songs to it. I danced to it when I was little,' one fan says of her desire to hear 'Toxic' performed live.

After making stops in London, Paris, Moscow and Berlin, Britney Spears landed in MTV News' hometown of New York City to kick off the second leg of her Circus tour Monday night. Outside Madison Square Garden, just minutes South of our Times Square headquarters, fans in homemade T-shirts, feather headdresses and head-to-toe tie-dye showed up hours early, and we were there to find out which songs everyone was dying to hear almost a month after she last took the stage.

By far the top choice was "Circus" itself, the second single off her latest album, with at least a dozen fans we chatted to hoping Brit would belt out those first words, "There's only two types of people in the world/ The ones that entertain and the ones that observe."

But others were hoping for a taste of something a little more obscure. Irene Azvolinsky, 14, was keeping her fingers crossed for "Unusual You," a track from Circus produced by the team Bloodshy & Avant. "It's not very popular and not too many people know it, but it's really catchy," she said.

High on ticketholders' wish lists were Spears faves from albums past, like "Radar," "I'm a Slave 4 U," and " ... Baby One More Time." But just as requested to the concert gods were Circus tunes such as "Womanizer," for which Spears was nominated in MTV Video Music Award categories like Video of the Year and Best Pop Video.

"If U Seek Amy" had a ton of fans, including Alison Printz, 16, who inscribed the lyrics — "Love me, hate me, say what you want about me" — on her shirt and belted out a line for our cameras.

For many teenage fans who can hardly remember a time when Brit wasn't a bass-thumping fixture in their lives, the appeal of her older tracks was overwhelming. "I love 'Toxic,' " said Eliza McNitt, 18. "I've choreographed songs to it. I danced to it when I was little."

Yet for many, the important thing was simply to have the chance to catch Spears in concert at Madison Square Garden, which its owners like to call the world's most famous arena. Junior Sena, 22, had already checked out multiple Circus shows and was open to anything going down onstage — musical or otherwise.

"She could get onstage and play with her kids!" he said with a laugh. "She could pull her extensions out!"