Aubrey O'Day Talks New Single, 'Never Fallin' '

'I haven't been overly excited to go back into the studio,' singer says of post-Danity Kane career.

For anyone wondering when Aubrey O'Day will be releasing a solo album — you will have to wait a little bit longer. The singer may be hitting the studio here and there to guest on tracks, but she is not quite ready to work full-time on her post-Danity Kane audio output.

"I had a very traumatic experience on and off working with Bad Boy and the cameras constantly in there. There was never vibes ... a lot of that matters when you're making music," she told MTV News. "When we made music, it was two to three cameras, two to three inches from our face, waiting to catch a bad note so they could have a show. So I haven't been overly excited to go back into the studio, to be quite honest."

It wasn't until she was offered the chance to lay down vocals on the cover of Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time" that O'Day was given some great advice by her collaborator, Shanell Woodgette. "She came into the studio and she's like, 'Girl, relax. Enjoy it — enjoy the flaws,' " she recalled. "And that was the first time that someone let me do that in the studio."

In addition to her work on the Eddie Murphy cover, she also hooked up with Roscoe Umali for a reimagining of New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle," called "Fallin'." "We did a verse out there for all the haters, all the Aubrey critics," she said. "We kind of started laughing about all the things that people say about me."

"Well, the song takes the 'Bizarre Love Triangle' lyrics and it addresses all the haters," she explained, adding that she got on Twitter and made sure her fans had a say in what she was singing about on the track. "The haters jumped on, gave their two cents. All the fans jumped on and said, 'We love you,' and I took the good and the bad and I wrote this verse kind of showing everybody what I feel about it — which is, I laugh at it."

And although she's "really excited" about all the new music, it doesn't mean that O'Day, who will star in "Peepshow" in Las Vegas in the fall, is hard at work on her next album. "But it's by in no means a first single or a preview for my album," she said. "It's just me finally getting back in the studio and loving my voice and my ability, and having faith in my talent again."