Adam Brody Channels Jared Leto In 'Jennifer's Body'

'I threw in a bit of Brandon Flowers. There's a little Maroon 5,' actor says of his role as a devil-worshipping rocker.

LOS ANGELES — When it comes to [movie id="373560"]"Jennifer's Body,"[/movie] there's a lot we want a sneak peek of: the blood-drenched gore. The instantly quotable dialogue from "Juno" writer Diablo Cody. [movieperson id="333331"]Megan Fox's[/movieperson], well, body.

"I was thinking straight horror film when I started, and I thought, 'What scares me?' " Oscar-winner Cody told us of her script. "Zombies? Ghosts? No. Then I thought about when I was a teenage girl and the fear of invoking the wrath of another teenage girl and how truly scary that could be."

Naturally, we had to include the September 18 flick in this week's ongoing Fall Preview festivities — and we had to get an advance review from one of the film's stars, [movieperson id="320486"]Adam Brody[/movieperson]. Adam was eager to talk up the Foxy cheerleader horror/comedy that left him "blown away," his Jared Leto-esque character and, of course, nipples.

MTV: So, Adam, have you seen "Jennifer's Body" yet?

Adam Brody: Yeah, let's say that I've seen 90 percent of the finished product. I saw it eight or 10 months ago now, but it was mostly done.

MTV: What does it feel like the first time an actor sits down to watch something you've worked so hard on, when it's ultimately so out of your hands how it will come together?

Brody: Well, I got to experience this one pretty objectively, because I have a pretty small part. I pop up throughout, but when you get a smaller part you concentrate on that part and those days you're on set — you forget there's a whole other hour and 20 minutes of the movie. I read that part of the script once — a year before filming it — so it was a surprise that I got to enjoy it as a first-time moviegoer. I was blown away. ... I was so happy and pleasantly surprised.

MTV: You were paid to go to work and look at Megan Fox all day. Tough gig?

Brody: It was that simple, and it was fantastic. It's one of the hardest jobs to get, but one of the best ones to have.

MTV: Is it hard to work with Megan and not develop a little bit of a crush?

Brody: Wow. We've all got a little bit of a crush on Megan Fox.

MTV: Megan freely admits that she's gotten by on her looks in the past, but says that her acting skills have gotten much better recently. Will we see a big jump in "Body"?

Brody: Yeah, you get to see a lot more sides of her, not just the hotness. I think people will be very pleasantly surprised — or pissed off that she's talented and beautiful.

MTV: The trailer seems to be selling "Jennifer's Body" with two promises: a lot of gore and a lot of nudity. Which one does the film have more of?

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Brody: Well, the nudity is questionable. It's like, "What is nudity, specifically?" Because if we're talking about nipples, I don't think there are any nipples in the movie.


Brody: I knew this going in, and I remember being a little disappointed — like the rest of the world. But then, I remember seeing it and having no more want for sexual activity. It's sexual in the best way, and they did plenty with what was on the page. You're not going to feel gypped by a lack of sexuality. And the same with the gore — it is gory, but a lot of times, they'll cut away. But there's still plenty of gross stuff to satisfy viscerally. What do they have more of? Probably gore.

MTV: Give us the breakdown of your character.

Brody: I play this guy named Nikolai Wolf, and he's a singer in an emo band. He's looking for fame and fortune and is basically a sociopath who came upon the idea that devil worship and sacrificing a girl is the surefire ticket to fame and fortune. And he has no problem doing that, whatsoever.

MTV: Your look in the film seems a bit Jared Leto-esque. Was that intentional?

Brody: Yeah, there's some Jared Leto in there. I threw in a bit of Brandon Flowers. There's a little Maroon 5. There's no nail polish, but there's a little bit of eyeliner.

MTV: Have you ever met Jared? What would you expect him to say to you after this movie comes out?

Brody: I don't think he'd take it as a total homage to him. The only guy I've met is Adam [Levine], the dude from Maroon 5, and he's a nice guy. And there is a Maroon 5 joke in the script, so maybe he'd say something.

MTV: What is it?

Brody: I say, "Do you want to be rich and famous like that dude from Maroon 5, or a huge suicidal loser?" That is what my character is aspiring to — the fame and fortune of Maroon 5.

MTV: Hopefully, Maroon 5 never sacrificed anyone to achieve their fame and fortune.

Brody: I don't care. Maybe they did?

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