Jay-Z, Raekwon Go In On New Tracks

Plus, Whitney Houston's album leaks, in Off The Dome.

Today was one of those days that you might call a "new music frenzy": Two new joints from Jay-Z, two new records from Raekwon the Chef, and Whitney Houston's whole album leaked. Wow!

Of course, Sir Hov of Brooklyn made the biggest headlines, with the record "Off That"

leaking late last night. It's the big collaboration with Drake everyone's been talking about for months. Jigga and Drizzy! Drake doesn't rap on the chorus, but he does spit a hot, boastful chorus, though. The other Jay song is called "Reminder," where Hov runs down his résumé. There's a line in there you'll have to rewind a few times, where he says "ordinary Joes" have to button up. Was that a subliminal jab at Joe Budden? Hmmmm ...

A classic line from the song reads: "I crushed Elvis in his blue suede shoes/ Made the Rolling Stones seem sweet as Kool-Aid too." Hov went in on that one!

On Rae's side, he dropped "10 Bricks" and finally gave us a collaboration with Dr. Dre, "Catalina." While Jay's vibe seems international, the Chef is taking it back to the gutter. You gotta love the fact both elder statesmen are still lyrically rugged.

Check out the video, where my partner in crime, Rahman Dukes, and I go back and forth about all this new material.

Whitney — we didn't forget you! We love "Salute" from your new album

— R. Kelly's pen on that one is amazing. He has Whitney giving a real "Waiting to Exhale"-ish vibe.

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