30 Seconds To Mars Plot 'Massive' Next Single, Short Film

Group is still undecided on album title, Jared Leto says.

[artist id="1231235"]30 Seconds To Mars[/artist] have already landed Kanye West and the Killers' Brandon Flowers,

shouting fans,

Iranian Twitterers and Tibetan monks for their upcoming album, but they're still missing one key ingredient: a title.

Sure, for months, there have been reports that the album would be called This Is War — a reference, in part, to the lengthy (though now settled) legal battle they waged with their former label — but, as it turns out, that's still very much up in the air.

"[The title] hasn't been decided upon 100 percent yet, but I think when the record is done I'm going to sit down and either commit a thousand percent to This Is War, or move on," 30 STM frontman Jared Leto told MTV News last week. "I think it's appropriate in a lot of different ways; [it was] really reflective of this period of time we've been working on the record, in creative terms and personal terms as well."

The time to settle on a title might be coming soon: Leto said the band is "at the very, very very end" of the recording process, and the album will be in stores later this year. And in the rush to finish the record (and an accompanying documentary film), his Los Angeles home — or, as he calls it, "the lab" — has been transformed into a buzzing hive of activity, both musical and visual.

"There is always someone working in the lab," Leto said. "We're also shooting a film, so the film crew and the editors are at the house. I wake up and there are people that are working, and when I go to bed there are people who are working. And it's a factory and it's inspiring to be around all that energy. I love it."

And though there's still no title for the album, Leto said he and his bandmates have already picked the first single. Of course, he won't reveal just what the song is called, but, in keeping with 30 STM tradition, it's shaping up to be a very big affair.

"We're going to be making some announcements very, very soon, and obviously [there's going to be] a short film for the first single, and a tour to follow," he said. "I can't confirm [what the single is called], but I do know what the song is ... I had an idea that this could be a really special song when we first heard it. It's going to be massive."