Stephanie Pratt 'Blown Away' By Heidi's Miss Universe Performance

'I really think this is a career possibility,' Pratt says of her sister-in-law's musical ambitions.

Heidi Montag is getting lots of kudos from her sister-in-law and fellow [url id=""]"Hills"[/url] star, Stephanie Pratt, who loved seeing Heidi shake and shimmy to her new single, "Body Language," on live TV on Sunday night at the Miss Universe pageant.

"Heidi looks bangin' in Playboy, but even better was her Miss Universe [performance] last night," she told MTV News. "Freaked out. ... I was on a stool, just, like, 'I cannot wait for this!' I love 'Body Language.' Blown away. She's never looked better. I thought she did absolutely amazing. I think she really could have blown it, and I really think this is a career possibility."

Pratt revealed that when she initially heard about Heidi's appearance, she didn't have high expectations. She thought Montag's show would consist of "doing, like, arm signals and just singing," but she was surprised to see the fully choreographed performance with backup dancers.

"Whoever that makeup artist was deserves an award," she said. "The hair, amazing. The body suit that Britney Spears kind of wore, but sexier. ... I mean, it's not like she's a young Britney Spears, because Britney is just, like, God love her. Love her."

Pratt was happy to see that Heidi is finally getting to live out the dream that she's been sharing with her friends and family for years. "When I first met her, she said she wanted to be a pop star, and this was like three years ago," she said, though she still seemed surprised that Montag was actually able to pull it off. "Who really can be a pop star unless you've been singing and dancing forever? We've never seen Heidi take a dance class or anything like that."