Aubrey O'Day Takes On Haters In New Song -- Check Out A Preview!

'Never Fallin' ' samples New Order's classic 'Bizarre Love Triangle.'

When Aubrey O'Day isn't busy stirring up controversy around Playboy pictorials or prepping for her run in the Las Vegas stage production of "Peepshow," she is busy in the studio, working on new music in a post-Danity Kane world.

Recently, she released a cover of Eddie Murphy's "Party All the Time"

with Young Money's Shanell Woodgette, and now MTV News has a preview of O'Day's latest musical venture, a song that samples the New Order classic "Bizarre Love Triangle." The version MTV News has obtained is a "version three remix" of the track that was leaked to some blogs late last week.

The song, "Never Fallin'," features Roscoe Umali rapping on the track. O'Day changed the lyrics of the song's chorus to address people who criticize her, and elsewhere in the song even addresses rumors about any plastic surgery she may have had.

She sings, "Every time they see us ballin'/ They get down on their knees and hate ... No way there we're fallin."

O'Day spoke with MTV News about the song, saying that she's a huge fan of the New Order track that the song samples.

"It addresses all the haters," she said, adding that she used Twitter to give her fans a say in what she was singing about on the track.

"The haters jumped on, gave their two cents. All the fans jumped on and said 'We love you,' " she said. "And I took the good and the bad, and I wrote this verse kind of showing everybody what I feel about it, which is I laugh at it."