Aubrey O'Day Vs. Heidi Montag: Fans Pick The Hottest Playboy Model

After O'Day declared hers the better spread, Heidi's fans spoke up.

No one ever accused Aubrey O'Day of being too modest. Asked to compare her March Playboy pictorial to Heidi Montag's photos in the September issue, the former Danity Kane singer didn't hesitate to say hers were better. She told MTV News last week that she thinks her photos were more "iconic" than those of the "Hills" star.

Fans immediately began taking sides and weighing in on who they think really steamed up the pages of Playboy. "I think that Heidi's pics are soo much better," wrote Shorti. "They are more natural than Aubrey's. I think Aubrey looks soo fake in her pics and is tryin to hard. ... Heidi rocked it."

Shaniya felt that Heidi's pictures were sexier than those of the former "Making the Band" star. "I totally think that Heidi's Playboy pictures are better than Aubrey's. I mean, Heidi's are sexy, and she gives a different look in each one and it looks real. While Aubrey on the other hand looks fake and each pose looks the same."

O'Day's devoted fans also declared the former Danity Kane singer the better model. "I agree [with Aubrey]," Megan wrote. "Aubrey's were a million times better and more memorable than Heidi's."

Rubi6z said, "It's funny to think that anyone would think Heidi pics were better, but hey, everyone is entitled to their opinion. But the truth is, hands down, ask anyone with good taste ... Aubrey's pics were way better in every aspect! ... Saw Heidi pics ... not enough personality or spice. Too boring for Playboy."

And then there were the fans who chose the middle ground and appreciated both sets of photos. "I love both girls. And no, none of them are fake," Kari wrote. "Sure they change over the years, but that's life. Everyone changes for a reason. All you haters need to shut up and leave Aubrey and Heidi alone!"