Vampire Movie 'Suck' Features Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper, Moby

Rock-and-roll comedy, co-starring Malcolm McDowell, to premiere at Toronto Film Festival.

Think of it as "Twilight" meets "True Blood" with a dash of "Rock Star." Rock-and-roll vampire spoof "Suck" is slated to debut at next month's Toronto Film Festival with an all-star cast of actual rockers that includes former Black Flag vocalist and notorious ranter Henry Rollins as radio DJ Rockin' Roger, punk icon Iggy Pop as retired rocker/producer Victor, original shock-rocker Alice Cooper as a creepy bartender and noted vegan Moby as Beef Bellows, lead singer of the bloody metal act Secretaries of Steak.

The movie follows a group of wannabe rockers called the Winners, who are, as you might suspect, kind of losers. After playing a mind-numbing series of lame gigs on their endless road trip, the group is suddenly transformed when bassist Jennifer (Jessica Pare) hooks up with a vampire (Burning Brides guitarist/singer Dimitri Coats) named Queeny and returns with a sexy charisma that gets audiences all worked up. The new superstars are trailed by notorious one-eyed vampire hunter Eddie Van Helsing, played by veteran actor Malcolm McDowell.

Meet The Cast Of "Suck"

The comedy stars director Rob Stefaniuk as the Winners' lead singer, Joey. Stefaniuk also co-wrote seven of the 11 songs on the soundtrack, which was composed by former Asexuals/Doughboys singer/bassist and Canadian punk icon John Kastner. Other notables in the cast include "Kids in the Hall" veteran Dave Foley as the band's scumbag manager, who has what appears to be one of the film's classic lines, when he informs Joey that the band's career has cratered and asks him, "Have you considered Japanese hip-hop? ... Hmm, I guess that's not really right for you, but that's a shame because it's gonna be huge."

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