Aubrey O'Day: My Playboy Photos Are Better Than Heidi Montag's

Ex-Danity Kane singer says 'Hills' star should 'take risks' if she poses for magazine again.

We're sure plenty of people are comparing Aubrey O'Day's and Heidi Montag's recent Playboy pictorials — and O'Day is one of them. Earlier this year, O'Day bared it all for the magazine, and Montag was recently featured in a less revealing pictorial. O'Day said she feels the "Hills" star could have taken a few more chances when she posed for the magazine.

But, before O'Day told MTV News what she really thought of the photos, she complimented Montag's pictorial.

"I think Heidi is a beautiful girl and it's an honor to be a part of an iconic lineup of women," she said. "I'm happy that she took the opportunity. She looked beautiful."

However, O'Day didn't have to think twice when asked whose pictorial she thinks is better. "I'd have to go with mine," she said. "There's been so much speculation and competition between the two MTV girls, and I had heard that Spencer made a statement about it, but, I don't know, I think mine's still the winner."

The former Danity Kane singer, who is currently prepping to star in "Peepshow"

in Las Vegas, also has some advice for Montag. "I mean, every woman has their own way of expressing themselves," she said. "I think that my Playboy photos express very strongly my nature as a woman. They were classy, they depicted the parts of my body that I love, and I felt completely beautiful and secure and empowered by them."

O'Day, who said she would "absolutely" pose for the magazine again, added that she thinks that if Heidi has plans to do so — as she has hinted — she needs to step it up for her next pictorial.

"So whatever her journey is, I'd say ... to just take that risk, really do something kind of ... maybe do something she's a little scared to do, so she overcomes a fear and feels really proud," she advised Heidi. "You know, you can take a million pretty pictures, every celebrity girl has taken a million pretty pictures, but it's like: Which pictures are really going to stand out and be iconic, and which pictures are just pretty pictures that are here today, gone tomorrow?"