'Wolfman' Star Emily Blunt Reveals 'Taboo Relationship' With Del Toro

'It had this Greek mythology, this sweeping, gothic, eerie, suspenseful feel to it,' actress says of film's script.

[movieperson id="373628"]Emily Blunt[/movieperson] hates scary movies, slasher flicks and anything up on the big screen that has anything to do with the needless, heedless shedding of blood. But, as the British actress explained to MTV News, she signed up to star with [movieperson id="16222"]Benicio Del Toro[/movieperson] in the gothic horror film [movie id="338084"]"The Wolfman"[/movie] because along with the frights came amazing makeup effects from the best in the biz, a dark, character-driven story, and a particularly complex relationship with her onscreen co-star.

Now that the "Wolfman" trailer has been released, we can begin to see exactly what had Blunt so excited to take on the role.

"It's a taboo relationship between Benicio and I, because my character was engaged to his brother," she explained. "Her dead fiancé is found with his guts ripped out by some strange beast. Benicio, the long lost brother, comes back into town to find out what's gone on."

As Benicio begins his man-on-a-mission investigation, he tracks a beast — one whose existence has been rumored for years in this English village — and ends up being attacked. He survives, but the creature has made its mark. Benicio becomes a werewolf. And Blunt, who plays a woman named Gwen Conliffe — "she's the image of purity, which is new for me!" — can't help falling for him despite his rather unusual full-moon habits.

"The Wolfman" Photos

"When I read the script, I thought it had this Greek mythology, this sweeping, gothic, eerie, suspenseful feel to it," she explained. "And then there's a love story. Even though it is terrifying, it's not just about how much blood we can show splashing across the camera."

Makeup whiz Rick Baker created the hirsute look of Del Toro's werewolf, and the trailer proves he is not one of the more family-friendly werewolves like those in "New Moon." And the reaction thus far, Blunt laughed, has been nothing short of staggering — even if the fanboy love has usually been directed at others in the cast and crew.

"We were at Comic-Con last year, and they went insane for Rick Baker," she said. "Benicio they went crazy for because of 'Sin City.' They couldn't have given a flying blop if I was there!"

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