Lady Gaga Gets Racy At Tel Aviv Show

Singer fakes orgasm, talks about Israeli men's genitalia at concert.

In a press conference earlier this week Lady Gaga promised to tone down her outrageous outfits and keep a lid on her notorious statements while visiting Israel.

Speaking to the media in Tel Aviv, Gaga pledged to keep it demure while touring Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, calling her visit to the Holy Land "an emotional and spiritual experience."

Lady Gaga Spotted In Israel

She didn't say anything, however, about reining in the antics during her stage show. And, on Wednesday night, she most certainly didn't.

Decked out in her famous barely there attire, Gaga faked orgasms, made reference to the size of Israeli men's genitalia and cursed like a sailor during her show at Tel Aviv's Fair, Trade & Convention Center, drawing whoops of joy from the capacity crowd and earning comparisons to Madonna in at least one Israeli media outlet.

In camera-phone footage of the show, Gaga can be seen greeting the crown by huffing and puffing her way to a screaming fake orgasm, then stating "Shalom Israel! My name is Lady Gaga. How you doing?"

Later, while surrounded by a troupe of dancers, she shouts "Tel Aviv, get your d---s out, because I heard there's some pretty big c--ks here in Israel," then orders the masses "Put your hands up and dance, you motherf--ers!"

Gaga also serenaded the crowd with an impromptu version of "Shalom, Friends" (while crouching onstage in a sparkly unitard), attempted to lead the audience in "a motherf---ing Hail Mary," and said that, after swimming in the Dead Sea, she felt like "motherf----ing Superwoman."

She also took time to praise the local cuisine, telling the audience "You guys have the f---ing best hummus I've ever had in my whole life. I mean, I think I am a chick pea right now. I think I might smell like chick peas."

Perhaps feeling inspired, Gaga also performed two versions of her massive hit "Poker Face," one in which she mounted her piano (and, according to local reports, told a lengthy story about how she "did it" while covered in Dead Sea mud), and then the album version's arrangement, which fans had been clamoring for all night.

From Israel, the singer will head to the U.K. for the V Festival on Saturday and Sunday. She'll be back in her native New York to perform at MTV's Video Music Awards on September 13; her co-headlining tour with Kanye West is expected to begin in Buffalo, New York, on October 4. The U.S. tour is expected to run through mid-December.

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