Tony Yayo Feels 'A Little Sorry' For Young Buck

G-Unit rapper speculates on whether the whole crew will ever reunite, in Mixtape Daily.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

You can never say never, but the chances of the Beatles of hip-hop getting back together are looking very slim. Last month, Game apologized for the friction he stirred while being a member of the G-Unit, and just recently Young Buck went the same route. But could 50 Cent, Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo ever find it in their hearts to embrace their lyrically potent onetime crew members?

"Shout to Young Buck," Yayo said standing in the G-Unit offices earlier this week. "I wish you was with us, getting some money, living the life."

Has Yayo's stance actually softened towards Buck after all this time? His response to the Cashville rapper's recent words on cyberspace was, "When I see it, I feel a little sorry for him, because he could be taking the same advantages I'm taking.

" is the biggest hip-hop network out there — as well as the Web sites that come after it," Yayo continued. "He could be taking advantage of it, but you don't hear his mixtapes; you don't see nothing from nowhere. I just wish that the guy thought better or was a better businessman, instead of just being a good rapper. You being disgruntled towards 50, now what do you have? You could have been with us in Peru. We went to Switzerland, Istanbul, we went everywhere, man. I'm too real for the industry. Even if I was disgruntled about anything, I wouldn't care, because I'm still getting money. Still got houses, still got cars, sprinklers still come out the ground. I think people get jealous of 50, of how big he is. You wake up, Mayor Bloomberg is talking about 50. Then in the New York Post, he had two pages. Then he was on Fox 5 [New York] news because we're doing an event for the kids and grown-ups — August 30, come nice, in good behavior.

"But the thing is, a lot of artists don't hit that plateau where they're on CNN, on Fox 5," Yayo said. "But what happens, when we're around 50 and dudes is in the circles, dudes start to get mad jealous. They want 50's money. That's what happened with Game and Buck, there was no way they were supposed to mess up the money. That's what they did, they started messing up the money."

Yayo said the Unit could never take Game seriously because "Game is bipolar." As for Buck, whom they knew a lot longer and were closer friends with, it doesn't look like Yayo will be slapping him five anytime soon.

"Buck, I think he's at a point where financially, I don't think he got it, homie," Tony explained. "What are you doing? I don't see him anywhere. Even when you don't see me, Yayo's in Peru getting a nice check with 50. You can call it whatever you wanna call it; I'm still buying cars, Louis glasses, Porches. If Buck was around, he would still have these outlets available to him. Why apologize now?"

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