Police Investigating Eric Dane/ Rebecca Gayheart Nude Video

LAPD scanning files on DVD for possible use in criminal investigation.

Millions of Internet gawkers aren't the only ones interested in taking a peek at the now-infamous not-sex-tape featuring "Grey's Anatomy" star Eric Dane, wife Rebecca Gayheart and former Miss Teen USA contestant/ Playboy model Kari Ann Peniche.

On Thursday, according to People.com, the Los Angeles Police Department confirmed that they are studying the leak of the DVD depicting Dane and Gayheart frolicking nude with Peniche two years ago. Police reportedly got the DVD in July from an unnamed source who claimed it "contained images that could link celebrities engaging in illegal activity."

Before the police could scan the DVD to see if it contained any illicit evidence, though, it leaked online, the LAPD said in a statement, adding that it contained "archived articles and photographs of porn stars and formally convicted madams, which could readily be found over the Internet." Police have not yet determined if there's anything on the DVD that could be useful in a criminal investigation.

The three-minute segment of the video that leaked online this week showed the three hanging out naked and ended with Gayheart and Peniche taking a bath together. At one point, the "Urban Legend" actress says she has to lie down because, "I'm so high."

Peniche has claimed the DVD was stolen from her by troubled country singer Mindy McCready, who was her roommate when the two women appeared on the VH1 reality show "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew." On Monday, a lawyer for Dane and Gayheart, Marty Singer, warned anyone thinking of commercially releasing the footage and downplayed the contents. "This is simply a private, consensual moment involving a married couple, shot several years ago, which was never intended to be seen by the public," Singer said in a statement.

"Although the participants are nude, the tape is not a 'sex tape.' It is a private tape made for only my clients' personal use, and nobody has the right to exploit it. If anyone exploits the tape, they will be violating my clients' rights and will be exposed to significant liability."