Drake On Dating: 'I Like Older Women, Period'

'I never end up dating ... women that are my age,' MC says.

[artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] may be young, but the Toronto rapper's lyrics can be mature beyond his years.

In the remix to Fabolous' "Put It in the Bag," his verse was actually inspired by a previous relationship he had with an older woman.

"I used to talk to this woman that was 35-plus," Drake laughed. "I'm a mature individual."

At the time, he was a barely 20-year-old upstart MC. Aside from simply enjoying dating a more experienced woman, Drake said he was drawn to her perspective — she framed the world much differently than he did at the time.

"It was kind of, like, what she saw in me," the 22-year-old explained. "I say in the song, 'She just wants that feeling back, I make her feel young again.' We were doing things young people do, like just going swimming late at night. Just chilling, drinking, like kicking it, talking. But it was so intriguing for me. The appeal was obvious. I think I can also maybe even say I felt guilty to the fact that it was a bit of a story to tell, that's why I was doing it. But I like older women, period. I never end up dating — seriously — women that are my age."

The Lil Wayne protégé went on to add that more often than not he finds himself in relationships with women pushing 30. "Maybe it's the way I carry myself," he said.

As for that particular older woman?

"When I hear that song now on the radio, I just laugh," Drake said. "I wonder if she ever hears it. I lost contact with her."