Alexis Bledel Calls 'Post Grad' A 'Timely Story'

'I thought it was very similar to a lot of stories I had heard from people graduating," actress says.

Some might still associate [movieperson id="297196"]Alexis Bledel[/movieperson] with Rory Gilmore, but the 27-year-old actress is is growing up and moving on in her new flick, [movie id="405361"]"Post Grad."[/movie]

In the film, which opens Friday, Bledel plays Ryden Malby, an aspiring book editor who is just graduating from college, moving back home and struggling to find a job and a boyfriend. And it was that seemingly realistic plot that drew Bledel to the film.

"When I first read the script for 'Post Grad,' I guess I thought it was very similar to a lot of stories I had heard from people graduating from college that I knew," she told MTV News.

Just a few months ago, a new crop of post-grads hit the real world — and in today's struggling financial climate the issues that Ryden faces seem fitting, even if it was unintentional.

"It was a timely story when we shot it — which was before the economic crisis — and then when that happened it just makes it more so," she said. "Actually, the end of the movie ... it kind of shows that we shot before all this happened, because if the story had taken place in this economic climate she probably would have made a different decision."

To avoid any spoilers, instead of going further into the details of the flick, we asked Bledel to imagine what the movie would have been like if the main character were Rory Gilmore.

"Well, Rory is so ambitious — she's such an overachiever, I think she definitely would have had an easier time," she said. "She had such a loving supportive family ... well, I guess in this movie [Ryden] does too. Rory was gifted in a lot of ways. She probably would have found a way to make it work faster."

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