Paula Abdul Will Return To 'American Idol,' Perez Hilton Says

'Paula will swallow her pride and agree to a pay raise, but not as much as she wanted,' blogger says.

Will she or won't she? Since the announcement of [artist id="1397"]Paula Abdul's[/artist] departure, "American Idol" fans have speculated that the former judge might return to the show at some point, despite her manager refuting the rumors. But Perez Hilton is staying positive.

Hilton recently spoke to MTV News and, in addition to angling for a spot in the guest-judge chair, he said he thinks that Abdul will return. "I definitely think that Paula will be back on the show by the time the live broadcast begins," he said.

He added that even though Abdul might be weighing other options, he thinks that returning to the show is still in the foreground. "Between now and then, Paula will swallow her pride," he said. "And agree to a pay raise, but not as much as she wanted."

Until then, there are a number of celebrities who will try their best to be the next Paula Abdul — and Hilton isn't impressed by the list. When it comes to the majority of the guest judges — which include Joe Jonas, Mary J. Blige, Victoria Beckham and Shania Twain — he said they don't have enough of an "it" factor to make it work, especially the woman formerly known as Posh Spice.

One person he is rooting for is his friend and "Idol" guest judge Katy Perry. "I think Katy would have fun with it," he said. "I think Katy would be the only one who gets it, really, and have fun with it and give honest feedback, because she's lived it."

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