LMFAO Pay Tribute To John Hughes' 'Weird Science' In 'La La La' Clip

MTV News talked to the dance-music duo about the video the day iconic director died.

Iconic filmmaker John Hughes died August 6 of a heart attack, and while the tributes to him have not been as plentiful as they were for Michael Jackson, there have still been plenty of stars who have paid tribute to the late director in their work.

The latest comes from over-the-top dance-music duo [artist id="3132138"]LMFAO[/artist], whose new video for their second single "La La La" is an homage to Hughes' 1985 classic "Weird Science."

The video features LMFAO member Redfoo dreaming up a computer application that creates virtual women, just like the protagonist of "Weird Science." The program then sends the duo into the computer, where they dance with Chelsea Corka from Paradiso Girls and Jonna from "The Real World: Cancun."

MTV News' Tim Kash caught up with the pair a few weeks ago (on the day Hughes died) and asked them about the clip. "We're doing a 'Weird Science' thing," Redfoo said. "We create two girls in a virtual world. It's all green screen and has effects, and it's that feeling of 'on top of the world!' "

They also talked about the interactive opportunity they are offering with the clip. "There's going to be a program and an iPhone application where you're gonna be able to put your picture and the picture of the person you have a crush on on our bodies. So now you're in the video," he said.

"La La La" is the second single from LMFAO's debut album Party Rock, following their breakout hit "I'm in Miami Trick."