Tony Yayo: '40 Day' Will Be Memorable Whether 50 Cent Performs Or Not

New York City mayor stated 50 will not perform.

The G-Unit says that their neighborhood extravaganza, called both "40 Day" and "Family Day," is slated to take place on August 30 in the New York City neighborhood of Southside Jamaica, Queens.

The event is a free gathering of people in the neighborhood, taking place outside of the "40 Projects," a.k.a. the South Jamaica Houses development. According to 50 and the Unit, there will be music, plenty of food and many of Fif's big name celebrity friends mingling with the folks. G-Unit's Tony Yayo even said the event will have amusement park rides.

However, On Monday, the New York Post published an article claiming that "40 Day" had people in 50's home neighborhood cowering in fear; the articles quotes several locals who are leery of potential violence. This writer (who grew up and still has ties to the neighborhood) is hearing a different story from locals, who seem excited to have 50, Tony Yayo and Lloyd Banks giving back to the community. 50 promoted the positivity of the event while pushing his War Angel LP

LP and Forever King mixtapes a few weeks back.

In any event, the negative publicity seems to have gone all the way to New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg's office. When interviewed about the event, Bloomberg told the Post, "Our understanding after talking with 50 Cent is, he has no plans to perform whatsoever. He might go, but he's not going to perform."

On Tuesday, Tony Yayo said the day will be memorable no matter what.

"The mayor was saying he spoke to 50 and he agreed that it wouldn't be a performance. Yo, I can't get at the mayor," Yayo laughed. "I don't even wanna say anything bad about him — I don't wanna get pulled over when I leave from outta here! But 50's big, 50s bigger than life. Rumor is he spent over half a million dollars on this." However, 50 definitely will be taking the stage on August 29 at the Six Flags Amusement Park in New Jersey.

"I know he has over 30 busses for Great Adventure on the 29th. To me, it's a positive thing — it's giving back. Just like how they did Baisley Park," Yayo said, referring to Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson Community Garden, which 50 dedicated late last year.