Drake Isn't A Ladies Man: 'I'm An Honest Man'

'I always feel like I'm honest on songs,' Drake says about allegations that he raps for women.

Despite the runaway success of "Best I Ever Had," with its sweeping proclamations of devotion to the fairer sex, [artist id="2545682"]Drake[/artist] doesn't really consider himself a ladies' man.

In fact, the Toronto MC shot down claims that his favorite topic of discussion is women.

"I think there's two types of rapping about women," he explained to MTV News. "There's rapping about fairy-tale stuff ... not to take away anything from an MC like this, but you take a rapper like Bow Wow, who is a genuine ladies' man and all his songs are to make ladies love him and love themselves. And that's cool. That's a brand of music that might not always be what's real, you may not always be telling the truth, but at least someone is gonna feel good about the songs you're making. With me, when I touch on women — which I don't feel like I rap about a lot — I feel like I'm just rapping about myself."

The Lil Wayne protégé thinks his brand of music tilts more toward introspection. The 22-year-old MC's breakthrough mixtape, So Far Gone, although female-friendly, is more of a collection depicting his personal journey into young adulthood, Drake has said. It's more about honesty than scoring a date.

"I always feel like I'm honest on songs to where I don't see how anyone can say I'm a ladies' man," Drake said. "I think I put myself in jeopardy in songs and put myself out there [too much to be considered a ladies' man]. I do that so women can learn to love an honest man, 'cause I'm an honest man.

"I figure that's the best balance I can find between the two [listeners] — between men and women."