Lady Gaga Tones Image Down In Israel For 'Spiritual Experience'

Gaga plans an 'emotional' trip to Jerusalem before Tel Aviv concert.

Nine-time MTV Video Music Award nominee Lady Gaga isn't one to keep her fashion choices muted nor her hyper-honest, often provocative statements to herself. But when the songstress touched down in the Holy Land, she seemed to have a change of heart.

At a press conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, on Monday, Gaga covered up her skin-exposing black top with a retro black leather jacket jazzed up with a spiky silver Star of David and declared that her maiden trip to Jerusalem would be a "an emotional and spiritual experience," according to The Associated Press.

Lady Gaga Spotted In Israel

Promising to temper her provocative appearance and statements while on the trip, the "Poker Face" singer is set to close out her tour with a concert in Tel Aviv on Wednesday. She said she also plans to swim in the Dead Sea and looks forward to visiting Jerusalem, which she called "sacred and holy."

Of course, the woman who's known for wacky couture outfits and breezy statements about her own sexuality can't erase all traces of the personality that has made her such a pop-culture sensation. Just as she said she's more eager to visit Jerusalem than to "get drunk in a bar," Gaga then said she actually just might "get drunk in Jerusalem."

From Israel, the singer will head to the U.K. for the V Festival on Saturday and Sunday. She'll be back in her native New York to perform at the VMAs on September 13. Then she'll begin her tour with Kanye West in Buffalo, New York, on October 4. The U.S. tour is set to run through mid-December.

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