'Twilight' Stars Use Their Newfound Fame For Good Causes

Ashley Greene, Kellan Lutz and other castmembers tell us how they're giving back.

As their fame has soared, it's become easy to find some very negative news stories about the "Twilight" actors. But as true Twilighters know, one thing that separates their favorite stars from so many other franchises hasn't changed: their eagerness to give back.

You can learn a lot about the "Twilight" stars through what charities they support and how hard they've worked to help out their fellow man. Read on for a few of the most notable philanthropists and how you can join them in making the world beyond Forks a better place.

Ashley Greene for Do Something

Following in the footsteps of stars like Kristen Bell and Rachel Bilson, Ashley recently announced that she'll be partnering with DoSomething.org to once again prove that she's every bit as kind to those around her as Alice Cullen. "Giving back is very important to me — it's why I originally got involved with DonateMyDress.org, and it's what attracted me to Do Something," Ashley told us about the launch of a to-be-determined social-action campaign with the site, which encourages people to help those around them in ways both big and small. "I am eager to use my voice to encourage young people to donate their time and support the causes they care about."

Jakson Rathbone for Spencer Bell Memorial

Many Twilighters are big fans of Jackson's band 100 Monkeys. But in addition to simply rocking out, the Monkeys have the higher purpose of paying tribute to a friend and musician who died of cancer in 2006. "We've been doing a lot of work to keep the Spencer Bell legacy alive through SpencerBellMemorial.com," Rathbone said. "Our friend was an amazing poet, artist, musician and lyricist, and we're putting out an album of his." That record, Live & Wasted, is now on sale, along with bracelets that help raise funds to fight cancer. "I can't tell you how many letters we get in our fan mail for the band that say how much Spencer has touched their lives and how they had family members pass away from cancer," Rathbone said. "We're lucky to have all his music. He's immortal. His soul is in his music, and that's one thing I firmly believe in as an artist. You're blessed to live eternally in your art."

Michael Welch for Kids With a Cause

A former child actor, Welch decided early on to do something good with his fame and has spent nearly a decade working closely with an organization also supported by Hilary and Haylie Duff. "I've been with an organization for nine years now called Kids With a Cause. It's a great organization that started out as a local L.A.-based charity going to foster homes, homeless shelters, hospitals, burn centers or whatever and just hanging out with these kids," Welch explained of the group that provides help, support and simple friendship to those in need — and is now in the process of going worldwide. "We've gone to a lot of orphanages in Mexico. That's one of the most rewarding things you could possibly do, even if you're not an actor. ... I got off the bus, and immediately a bunch of kids just ran up to me. They want you to pick them up! They just need that closeness, and anybody can provide that."

Christian Serratos for PETA

A vegetarian since age 8, the girl otherwise known as Angela Weber can sympathize with the Cullen clan's desire to be picky about what they eat. "I've been working a lot with PETA. I love what PETA does — they know what's appropriate and what's not," said the actress, who has filmed videos with her dog Gorilla speaking out against fur, dissection of frogs and animal testing for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. "[Not eating meat] helps a lot of people. Like, people don't understand that eating red meats can literally be dangerous. Stop eating the red meat and you'll feel lighter and more harmonious."

Kellan Lutz for Boys & Girls Clubs of America

"I'm really into charity work. ... Helping families and kids is something that I'm involved in, and it's really near to my heart," said Lutz, who urges his fans to visit the Boys & Girls Club site to make a donation. "Showing some love to kids, giving them a birthday and telling them that God loves you and it's OK to have fun and smile. To give them a stuffed animal and watch them be happy. We have so much opportunity, in the end, to make a difference out there."

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